Mono-Mono Twins

by Tara
(Las Vegas, NV)

I was diagnosed wtih having mono-mono twins at my first doctor's appointment. I was sent to a perinatologist immediately. Of course, they were given horrible odds of survival. I went into the hospital at 29 weeks so I could be monitored 24-7. My doctors decided to induce at 32 weeks and 3 days. My girls weighed 3.13 and 4.6. They had a lot of breathing problems at first and they stayed in the NICU for 30 days. They are now very healthy five year olds.

If you are diagnosed with this, don't loose hope. Just say a lot of prayers and hang in there! Good luck!

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Oct 06, 2012
two chambered heart
by: Hannahs gran

Wish my daughters mono-mono twins had the happy ending story. Hannah had heart surgery on her three week birthday. She did not survive. Her doctor said he couldnt find any previous information that matched the conditions she had. We can only hope Hannahs death will help doctors help other babies

Sep 24, 2010
Our twin boys
by: Don

My wife and I decided to round out our large family at an even 8 kids, and surpirse! Twins! we soon learned that they were mono-mono and were sent to a specialist. We ran into all sorts of complications; unequal placenta sharing, and most notablt, twin to twin transfusion. We were told we had a 50% chance of having one healthy twin, and less than 10% chance of having both make it. We frantically researched the issues we were facing, and followed most of the advice given. My wife even drove out to Mayo to see about laser surgery to separate the cords. She was told it was too risky.

It was a long 8 months, but we made it to 32 weeks and had two reasonably healthy twins. Zach, the "oldest" had to have emergency heart valve surgery and will require valve replacement surgery when he is a little older, and Zaya (Isaiah) had double hernia repair and had some digestion issues.

Our boys turned 2 years old in August and are perfect, naughty, beautiful boys.

Jun 15, 2010
my mono twins
by: Krista

I was diagnosed with mono mono twins when I was only 10 weeks pregnant. I was also given the 50/50 odds of them surviving. My doctor final sent me to a specialist at 16 weeks. Of course the also told me the odds of them surviving. They admitted me into the hospital at 24 weeks for monitoring. I am now 27 1/2 weeks and still here. These doctors and nurses have been great. They stay on top of everything. The doctors said if I make it to 32 weeks they will start planning on a date to have my c-section. I havent really had anyone to talk about this with because it is such a rare thing. Love to chat with anyone about this via email.

Oct 04, 2009
by: Anonymous

Lisa, Congratulations!! My OB has been around for awhile and when he saw me, he had only had one other set of mono mono twins. He said he thought he'd never see another set since they are so rare. Well being the small world that it is, I happened to know the mom of the other set of mono mono twins he delivered! Her boys are now very healthy 6 year olds so you can add that to the happy success stories! I'm so happy for you! Even though it was a crazy roller coaster, I'd do it again 10 more times! Congratulations again!

Oct 03, 2009
by: Lisa

First let me start by saying it is so nice to read something positive. I just found out yesterday at 6 wks and 2 days that we have a mono/mono preg. I guess it could not have happened to a beter person- i will be able to watch these babies like a hawk... I am an ex ob nurse turned ultrasonographer that works with my OB and the MFM clinic is next door! In my seven years of scanning i have only seen it one other time with a very non-compliant pt but she had a good outcome. Im still very scared and worried so thanks for the positive site, Lisa

Oct 02, 2009
by: Tara

Jennifer, I would love to talk to you! I'll help any way I can! You can email me at I hope everything is going well so far! Hope to hear from you soon.

Sep 30, 2009
by: Jennifer

Hi tara I am currently 23 weeks with twin girls. I would love to talk to you via email if you don't mind. I have concerns and my doctor hasn't sent me to a specialist yet. He says its because the babies are so healthy. Please let me know if you would mind talking to me? Thanks!

May 12, 2009
No illness
by: Tara

The definiton of diagnose does not specify "illness." Look it up if you need to. It is also used to describe a "condition." Of course I do not think of my children as an illness. I do stand by the fact that my twins were DIAGNOSED as being mono mono. If the use of that word offends you, then I'd suggest you toughen up a bit. It's very sad that you use this site that is meant to provide support, as a forum to pick on someone's vocabulary.

May 12, 2009
by: Anonymous

diagnosed?pregnancy an illness :( ????

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