Mono-Twins Patricia and Maryanne

by natasha

We found out we were having twins 12 years ago and we were so happy,then we went for a scan at 12 weeks and they told us that they were mono-mono twins ...but they had just died so they induced my labar and sent me home with meds. Had to have a D and C after.

I asked the doctors if we would have twins again possibly? They said no because they were identical and that we wouldn't. The odds were completely against us. Well, just found out last week that I'm 10 weeks pregnant with twins! They are not in the same sac so we are hoping for the best. Can't wait to find out if they are faternal or identical, but we beat the odds so just want to daliver them healthy :)

I wonder....What the chances are of conceiving two sets of identical twins?

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