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Meeting other mothers of twins has been one of the best things about being a mom of twins myself. They know how to relate on a completely different level than moms with singletons and there is an instant bond because of our unique children. When I started doing the Twins Stuff! newsletter for the site, I thought it would be fun to incorporate features on the remarkable moms I have met along the way. If you subscribe to our Twin Stuff! newsletter then you may already be familiar with some of our Featured Mothers of Twins. These super twin moms manage life, business and raising twins with great finesse. Check out my interviews with them to get helpful advice and unique insight on how they balance it all, as well as information on their businesses and links to their websites (many of which are totally twin related). If you're a mother of twins or even soon to be mother of twins, you will truly enjoy meeting them as much as I have!

Deb Damboise - November 2008
I was so happy to have mother of twins, Deb Damboise as our first featured mom. She has a unique business and some really cool decorating ideas...

Shelby Tutty - December 2008
This month's featured mom owns and runs a special book store geared toward twins, multiples and their families. She is very kind and I have truly enjoyed interviewing her...

Stacey Vandell - February 2009
This bubbly mom has developed a very advantageous web store for parents of twins or more. She's very warm hearted and always puts her customer's needs first...

Kelly Damron - March 2009
This month's featured mom is both an author and a speaker. She has an informative blog and helpful book...

Khanh-Van Le-Bucklin, M.D. - April 2009
Our April featured mom has a lot to offer parents of twins. She's not only a pediatrician, author, Web site owner, she's also the mother of identical twin girls...

Geohde - May 2009
Our featured mom for May is a blogger, mom of twins and an M.D. She has a fresh, straight forward, humorous writing style. I love her articles so much that several of them are posted on the site...

Stephanie Manner Wagner - June 2009
This month's featured mom runs one of the most helpful product review blogs on the web with a focus on products for twins...

Jennifer Miller - July 2009
This month's featured mom has tons to offer the twin community from her fun blog parties to her published children's book...

Kimberly Becker - August 2009
Our August featured mom is really amazing. She's not only a mom of four, including a set of twins, she's also developed some pretty awesome websites...

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