Mr. Doctor looked at me like I was crazy

by Patricia Wynne
(Hawkinsville, Georgia (USA))

The youngest with me the day he got married at 26

The youngest with me the day he got married at 26

My Mono Mono twins were born in 1969. They will be 50 on May 5 of 2019.

50 years ago sonograms were very rarely done, but this was my second first beautiful Son was born in 1965 and will be 54 this year. He weighed in at 7 pounds 1 and 1/2 ounces.

I was 19 then and had been born in 1946 3 months prematurely. I had a very low birth weight, but when I tell people how much I actually weighed, I can tell....they always think I am exaggerating, but my Mother was there, too and she says 14 ounces.

I was told that my first diapers were a man's pocket handkerchief folded twice. I was transparent and had to stay in an incubator (heated with hot water) for 6 months. My Father could lay me in his hand and I went from his wrist to the tip of his middle finger. When I was carried, it was on a pillow, because I was so fragile.

It took a while to come up with something that agreed with me and that I could keep down. We had a cow that had twins the same day I was born, so my Mother finally took her milk, mixed it with half lime water and heated it till just before it began to boil. The first bottle of that made me sleep so soundly and long that they awakened me, fearing something was wrong.

I have always believed that me living was a miracle in itself, but living with a lot of problems when I was very young and then giving my 3 adorable healthy children life, I believe was another miracle!

My first pregnancy was normal and no problems. Then, when I became pregnant with the twins, everything seemed normal until very late in the pregnancy.

I carried them for 38 weeks. Having had one child and remembering the movement inside me, I kept trying to tell my doctor that I thought I was having more than one baby...he thought I was crazy (apparently). I finally convinced him to do a sonogram at 36 weeks. He was totally shocked, but had no choice but to tell me...Yes, there are two babies in there, but whether he did not know or just did not tell me, he never mentioned the sex or that they were in the same amniotoc sac.

I had no idea that I was having a high risk pregnancy and he never told me, but I guess it was a little too late for that by the time I convinced him that I was right. My babies were born early on a Monday morning, vaginally, and weighed in at 5 lbs 14 oz. and 5 lbs 6 and 1/4 ounces. They were 3 minutes apart.

The first was born normally (head first), but the second one, not having the required time to turn around in such a cramped space, was born butt first. He has a little joke he likes to tell about his birth, but I will let you figure that one out!!

The movement inside me was so crazy...hands and feet everywhere, but it was very well worth all the trouble I went to :)!! They live about 15 miles apart now and if one gets hurt or something happens to him, the other one knows immediately. They are amazingly kind, intelligent men. There are many stories associated with them growing up, like swapping classes and the poor teachers never knew!! They could even fool the girlfriends and man were they devilish!!

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