My Beautiful Mono Mono Baby Boys

by Cindy Johnson
(Scottsdale, AZ)

First and foremost, just about 2 years ago I was told I could not have children because of a condition I had called PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) Obviously my husband and I were completely heartbroken over this news but we were going to deal with it the best we could because as far as we knew we didn't have a choice.

Well, even having been told that I couldn't ever get pregnant, for some reason one day this past May I had a funny (and nauseous) feeling so I decided to take a pregnancy test. And alas! That test (and the 3 others that followed shortly there after) indeed did say "Pregnant"! We were totally and completely surprised, obviously.

We went to the OBGYN a couple days later to have an ultrasound done. As soon as the ultrasound tech started both my husband and I looked at the screen then at each other because we both saw 2 little flickers but we stayed quiet and waited for the tech to say something just in case. Two seconds later sure enough the tech told us we were having twins.

So not only were we pregnant, which we never thought would happen, but we were having TWINS!!!! The tech quickly followed up saying there were many types of twinning and she thought she knew what kind we had but wanted to have the doctor come in and talk to us about it because she just "took the pictures". Leaving us with that totally freaked us out thinking we were having some abnormal twins like conjoined twins or something.

We found out we were pregnant with mono/mono twins. Since obviously this was a very high risk pregnancy my doctor sent me to a "high risk" OBGYN. About 2 weeks after finding out I had an incident/scare at work (won't go into details) I went to the hospital and then was immediately put on bed rest. Hoping it would only be for a week or so because I have ADHD and can't stay still for more then 5 minutes but I was not too happy to find out that I would be put on bed rest the rest of the pregnancy.

Skipping ahead because bed rest is just plain boring. At 14 weeks along we were very very happy to find out we were having boys. Skipping ahead again brings us to one night in July I started having pain on the right side of my stomach so we called the doctor and went in the next day to have an ultrasound and just to see what was going on. Well the babies were fine but they saw that my cervix had gotten shorter then it was supposed to be so I ended up getting a Cervical Cerclage (cervix surgery... wanna know more? google magic my loves lol ). Getting the operation done meant staying in the hospital for a couple days which really gave me a little taste of what was ahead.

After leaving the hospital I was put on strict bed rest which meant the only time I could get up was to go to the bathroom and to shower... yea fun stuff! When finding more about mono/mono twins our doctor let us know that usually at about 24 weeks along the mother (obviously lol) should go into the hospital because that is usually when the babies need more monitoring because they are getting bigger and bigger. So at 24 weeks I did indeed go into the hospital like a good little mommy to be.

For the first 2 weeks everything was going swimmingly I was just going a lil stir crazy but all my visitors helped me stay sane... but as I got into the 26th week we started to have issues with the babies heartbeats dropping because of one or both umbilical cords being pinched. Towards the end of week 26 we had a huge scare and almost had to have an emergency c-section. After that scare everything went pretty well... They would act up every once in a while but nothing to write home about.

But then at 28 weeks and 1 day on Wednesday, September 21, 2011 my twin boys Owen Marshall ( 2 lbs 8 oz) and Hunter James (2 lb 10 oz) were brought into the world via emergency c-section. They were 3 month early but they are here that's all that matters. They came home from the NICU on December 7th. It was the best Christmas ever! They are now 4 months old and doing fantastic!

Well, that is the story of my twins.

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