My Little Mo-Mo Miracles, Maddison & Cameryn

by Abbie

I first found out I was having twins at my 12 week scan. It was such a surprise but I didn't realize how rare this pregnancy was until I searched the internet. I was so terrified my partner banned me from using it.

I got scans every 2 weeks until 23 weeks and that's when the problems started. Cameryn wasn't growning as she should have been. Then I was in for scans every week 'till 30 weeks and I got referred to a hospital with a good intensive care unit. I was going out of my mind with worry.

I got 2 rounds of steroids which helped a lot. I think I had to stay in the hospital from 30 weeks and I got monitored everyday. At 31 weeks there was a big problem when I got scaned. It was showing only a small blood flow through the placenta to Cameryn and I was booked in for an emergancy cesarean.

Luckily I had the cesarean, as the cords were all tangled up and poor Cameryn only weighed 1.5 lbs 700grams, Maddison weighed 3.3 lbs 1.560grams. They spent 6 weeks in intensive care but are thriving now. My little miracles!

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Feb 03, 2010
by: Lelah

Wow! That's absolutely amazing!!

Feb 03, 2010
by: Anonymous

What a ride you have been on! Thank God they are doing well! So glad to hear it!

Feb 02, 2010
Thanks for Sharing
by: Anonymous

A hard journey with a wonderful ending - thank you for sharing and congratulations:)

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