My Mo Mo Girls

by Andrea Lopez
(Dallas, TX)

Im 25 weeks and on bedrest in the hospital. I'm 19 years old and scared but happy all at the same...just praying to God that my baby girls come out safe and healthy!

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Nov 24, 2009
mono mono Girls!
by: cooper momma

I am 25 wks and the high risk ob nurse told me that all the OB Gen Docs wanted me in the hospital fot r monitoring... so i get here to check in and they were not ready for me and every nurse that tired to monitor my babies says "we dont do thhis until 28 weeks" I am so confused at why they wanted me in so early and i miss my other 2 boys that are at home... it take 3 hrs to get 1 hr of good heart tones on the twins. but i am at peace knowing my girls are ok... just wish we could do this monitoring at home! so should i be in the hospital already or not?????

Apr 29, 2009
MoMO Twins Suspected
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have not been 100% diagnosed having MoMo twins. But after 2 u/s no membrane was detected. I have an appt. next week to confirm. I am so scared. I am 8 weeks now. I live in Carrollton, TX... Please let me know how you are doing.

Feb 15, 2009
MoMo twin girls
by: Stacie

Im 16 weeks pregnant with MoMo twins and its exciting yet scary. My doctor told me I may have to get laser surgery in a couple of weeks to seperate the placenta due to one of my twin girls getting more fluid then the other. I know their fine in there it's just the doctors that like to stress us out for no reason.

Jan 21, 2009
Good luck!!!!
by: charmaine

Good luck to you I will be in your shoes in 5 weeks thats when I go into the hospital good luck to you and keep praying.

Dec 01, 2008
My mono/mono girls
by: Tara

Hi there,

Congratulations on your mo-mo twins! After hearing the risks of carrying my own I decided to terminate the pregnancy. I miss them everyday.

Please keep us updated, okay? Best of luck.


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