My Momo Girls

I found out I was having mono mono twins when I was 10 weeks pregnant. They gave me the bad news abuot the 50/50 percent chance of their survival. I was so upset and worried that when I got home. I read all about them on the internet. That didn't help at all.

At 16 weeks I went to see a specialist (was referred by my doctor) and they seemed to want to tell me the same chances. He did tell me that they had dealt with 30 cases involving mono mono twins and out of all those he only had one baby not make it. My worried started to fade. I thought that I was in good hands.

They admitted me into the hospital at 24 weeks! They wanted to monitor the babies so that in case they tangled they could save them. I am now 27 1/2 weeks and still here at the hospital. My babies are 2 lbs and little more and they are doing great. The doctors and nurse have been great about staying on top of things. I'm monitored 1 hour every 4 hours and I get 3 ultrasounds a week to check the circulation through their cords.

It was hard knowing I was going to have to stay at the hospital so long. Since I have been here though I know that my babies are being looked after and are going to be fine. They told me if I make it to 32 weeks they will start preparing me for my c-section. They won't let me go much futher than 32 weeks. Hoping my babies will wait till then to want to come into this world!!!!

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Jun 16, 2010
Thoughts & Prayers
by: Anonymous

I'm so glad that you and your babies are being well taken care of, take care and my thoughts are with you!

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