My Mo-Mo's


I was told up front that I was pregnant with monoamniotic twins and was refered to a specialist. I had US every 4 weeks and non-stress tests everyday after 24 weeks. I was in the hospital for 8 weeks before I had the girls, my babies were perfectly healthy but they needed to monitor due to heart rate drops. It is an absolute blessing that my beutiful girls are here and safe. I was able to carry them 33 weeks and 4 days, they weighed 3 pounds 12 oz and 3 pounds 14 oz. The girls stayed in the NICU 1 month exactly and then were sent home no monitors or oxygen. Maddison and Bailey will be 5 months soon and weigh around 12 pounds. All I want to say is don't lose faith, there are good outcomes! I live everyday thankful that they are here, the odds weren't in our favor but everybody is here and healthy! Good luck to all of you out there dealing with this rare thing. Stay strong and keep the faith! I would love to share more of my experience if anyone needs info or advice!

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