My Mono Girls

by Marlon Foster
(Shreveport Louisiana US)

Molly & Miley

Molly & Miley

December 22nd 2017 we were blessed with two beautiful girls, they came at 28 weeks which was early but their cords were tangled causing them to continuously tangle up.

We were nervous it was too early. My wife was upset her blood pressure was up and the twins heart rate was dropping, so I called my grandmother and ask her to pray for my wife and babies.

As I was getting dressed to go into the room as they were preparing her for c-section I heard a voice say everything’s ok they will be ok, but I turned around and didn’t see anyone...I looked out the door it was the custodian lady that cleaned our room every morning I told her thank you and headed to the surgery room with my wife.

God Blessed our twin girls because they were on oxygen the first four weeks of there life.

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May 22, 2020
by: Anonymous

Just wanted to say your daughters are Beautiful & truly Blessings.
My daughter is having Mono girls. She is 15 weeks & 5 days now. Her girls are 4 ounces & 3 ounces; the Dr said the egg didn't split in the middle. Hopefully she is right with the reading I have done. My daughter had a miscarriage a few months before she got pregnant with the twins. It was really hard on her & her husband, but The Good Lord has a reason for all things even if we don't understand or like it.
My daughter will be going into the hospital at 24 weeks which I pray is safe with this virus & other craziness going on in our world.
Thank you for sharing your experience since your girls were early.
Good Lord willing my being scared will be for nothing. All I pray for is happy healthy babies & mother, so they can go home to their happy healthy daddy/husband & older brother/son.

God Bless you & your family. May y'all be happy & healthy in these uncertain times.

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