My Mono Mono Hawk-I Girls

by Lara
(Iowa City Iowa USA)

Found out at 8 weeks I was pregnant, at 10 weeks I knew we were mono/mono. I didn't know much about mono mono or just how high risk and rare they are. I am now 29 weeks stiiting in the hospital with monitoring 3x's a day.

The fact that twins are rare naturally, and of those natural twins only 2% are mono mono I was shocked and dumbfounded! I became more intimidated when I found out that 50% chance of fetal death of one or both of the twins. So here I am at a one of the nation's best hospitals in Iowa.

Our hope is to make it to 34 weeks, so delivering at the end of January 2010. I do have 2 wonderful boys at home that my supportive awesome family is helping take care of, and they come see me when they are not busy! Hoping I get to go home for Christmas for a few hours, but it's up to my girls and as long as they heart rates look good they may let me.

I feel so Confident in my high-risk staff here and they have my babies best intrest at heart! so I'll keep you updated. I just know that my girls are in God's hands and he knows whats best!

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May 26, 2010
UI hospital is great!!!
by: Jen

Lara, how are you and your twins? My sister, Laura, delivered moon-mono twin girls at UI on june 30, 2003 at 28wks and you were truly in the very best place! The staff on OB and in the NICU at UI are amazing! 7 years later and my little nieces are healthy as horses!

Jan 10, 2010
You are in the best place possible!
by: Michelle King

I delivered mono-mono twin boys last June. I am so proud to say that even though they were born at 28 weeks and 5 days they are thriving and I am currently listening to their coos and squeals.

Even though it may seem like this time is torture and will never end, after your babies are here it will feel like it was such a short amount of time. I will pray that you make it the full 34 weeks, but know that they can have the babies out in less than 20 minutes if something happens.

Jan 06, 2010
I was there
by: Anonymous

Lara-Hi I know exactly what you are going through, I was in the hospital with my monos for 8 weeks being monitored 3x/day and anytime I felt like i needed to be reassured. I know it seems like forever and it will all be worth it, you are in the best place having docs and nurses watching you! My girls were born at 33wks and 4 days and they are healthy and growing!! Keep the faith and stay strong. I luckily didn't have any other children at home, i hope they understand and if they don't now, someday you can tell them your amazing story. I wish you the best of luck, and please feel free to comment back if you need any support! ashley

Dec 27, 2009
Momo Twins..
by: Kate

Hi Lara!

My daughter Becka is 29 weeks pregnant with momo girls as well and will have a c- section end jan at 34 weeks.....

Here in the UK we are only going to the hospital every week for growth scans etc... So far everything has been perfectly normal. No worries at all.. I find it interesting to hear that your in the hospital being monitored 3x a day.. Becka has an appointment tomorrow and I'm going to make a suggestion that she be monitored more often...
Were all so very excited and can;t wait for the twins arrival.. I too believe that God has been looking after them in the womb....

I wish you all the best and if possible it would be great to have updates on your progress..

Take Care Lara,

God bless,

Kate x x

Dec 23, 2009
Im high risk too girl
by: Lori

Im high risk too Im pregnant with twins and have a double uterus one baby in each side and i have less than half a cervix from having cervical cancer last year, i also have some other non obgyn medical conditions such as crohns that make pregnancy difficult. I am currently 16 weeks and already was in preterm labor at 15 weeks at 20 weeks i will be on permanent bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy I hope to at least do it from home as long as possible...I start injections of progesterone next week. I also hope to carry my babies as long as posssbile I dont know yet what we are having. I just hope they make it beofer 12 weeks there was only a 20% chance i could carry them Its a better chance now.... Ill keep you and your girls in my thoughts that they are born healthy and as close to full term as possible...

Dec 22, 2009
God bless you
by: Anonymous

May God bless you and your girls. Everything will be fine just keep a postive thinking and everything will be fine.

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