My Mono Mono Twins Story

by Mrs Hobson
(Essex . U.K. )

After suffering a miscarriage we were very pleased to find out we were expecting twins. And then found out they were mono mono.

Was mind blowing. We watched very carefully and saw a nurse every other week. the trick is to rest as much as you can. I ate very healthy small and often to keep up my babies healthy.

The hardest part was the constipation. I was already constipated for the pregnancy then I had to have extra iron which made it worse, but worth it. I was peckish and I tucked into cucumbers and cheese on crackers. I had no problems and my babies were born 6 lbs each.

I breast fed as long as I could they slept together. I kept up that bond until they were too big and needed their own beds. But their bond is still going strong they are very independent as long as they can see the other and know where they are.

I notice that when one gets hurt the other has the mark which I still find amazing. They have a best friend at all times and though they may argue, no one else is allowed to argue with them hehe

Enjoy every moment it is very rare an precious and goes so fast!

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