Our Little Miracle Babies

by Jill

Tangled Umbilical Cords

Tangled Umbilical Cords

At about 8 weeks, we found out that we were having twins! At that time, my doctor told me that she had good news and bad news. The good news was "congratulations, you are expecting twins". The bad news was that they were skeptical that it may be a mono mono twin pregnancy because a membrane did not seem to be present at that time. They told me that I needed to come back at 10 weeks to confirm. At that time, they confirmed that there was no membrane. They referred me to the only perinatologist in the area. Luckily, he was a great doctor because I didn't have any other choice unless of course I wanted to travel.

Throughout the pregnancy, we kept a positive attitude, although there were days that I still broke down and cried. It was so difficult to not know what was going on with the cords and how the babies were doing. We prayed a lot and hoped that God would be blessing us with two babies. I remember spending so much time on the internet trying to look for positive stories out there for mono mono twins. Of course on the internet, you tend to find stories that are negative. I decided to post my story here because it is a very positive outcome. I hope that my story will give someone else hope and encouragement to get through a mono mono pregnancy.

Our son was 3 when I was pregnant with our mono mono twin girls. At 18 weeks, we found out that we were having girls and we also found out that the cords were all jumbled together. It was very scary to see the cords on ultrasound. It looked like one of those puzzles where you have to get everything untangled. The doctor told us that he was hoping to see a better situation. It was very difficult for my husband and I to get to attached to the pregnancy because we were nervous of what could happen. We started preparing for our girls to be born at about 24 weeks (getting room ready and stuff like that) when we knew that they could actually do something if the girls were in danger with the cords.

At 24 weeks, I started having ultrasounds on Mon, Wed, and Fri. It was nice to see the girls so often. Each appointment I got to, I was thankful to have made it to another appt without delivering yet. I knew the girls could grow longer. They had told me that the earliest they would deliver would be 24 weeks if there was a problem.

We made it to 32 weeks plus 6 days when I had a scheduled C-section. We couldn't have been happier when we heard their little cries as each of them were born. The umbillical cords were the most incredible sight to see and the reason that we say that Jenna and Kaitlyn are our little miracle babies. It was a big jumbled mess of cords but they survived and are healthy 8 month olds now.

The beginning was rough as they spent 5 and 6 weeks in the NICU. Most of the issues were respiratory but they were also on feeding tubes for awhile too. Both of these are typical with preemies. Jenna and Kaitlyn's lungs weren't developing as fast as they had hoped. They had to be intubated for awhile and the surfactants weren't working for them. After spending 5 and 6 weeks in the NICU, they ended up sending them home on oxygen.

We were very nervous at first but so thankful to have them at home. Jenna needed oxygen for two months after she came home and Kaitlyn needed it for only one month. They are doing fantastic and we don't anticipate any respiratory issues in the future. They were 3 lb 12 oz and 4 lb 8 oz when born which are pretty good sizes for 32 week babies.

Hang in there if you're going through a mono-mono twin pregnancy. Make sure you're in excellent care and that the doctors and nurses are watching over your babies. If something seems unusual, go to the ER. I went once because I wasn't feeling movement. Everything turned out fine but you don't want to take any chances with this type of pregnancy. That part was hard for me to know that it was all my responsibility in between doctor appointments. Nobody else would know what was going on inside my body except for me. So, I was very conscious each day of what I was feeling. With any pregnancy you get nervous not feeling movement but this type of pregnancy is a lot more stressful. I read a lot that there is a 50% miscarriage with mono mono twin pregnancy. I also read that with doctors watching over these pregnancies more now in recent years that those percentages should be increasing. I think there is more hope than 50% nowadays. I'm not sure how many years the statistics are based on. The doctors and nurses that delivered our babies had not seen cords that tangled before. It's a miracle to us!

Although we went through a lot at the beginning, it's all just a memory and we have two healthy baby girls now who have the sweetest smiles ever!!!

Stay positive, have faith, and say lots of prayers!

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Aug 09, 2012
RE: My babies
by: Jill

I will keep you and your babies in my thoughts and prayers. This is such a unique pregnancy and even though I don't personally know the mothers that post here, I feel connected because I can share the worries that you are going through. Positive thinking does help a lot. Take care!

Aug 09, 2012
My babies❤
by: Anonymous

Ive just found out where having mono mono twins
I was very scared to get the news from my dr yesterday
At mt 13 week scan I cryed all the way home and prayed to
God to help us and keep all 3 of us safe well healthy strong
I then went on the net and I can happily say that after
Reading all these mirical story's and all the wonderful
Mono mono that are here with us now, it has given
Me alot of strength and positivity to go on and
Have ONLY positive thoughts, also thanking/praying
To god everyday,
Please pray for my beautiful mono mono twins
God Bless 🙏

Apr 23, 2012
So Happy for You
by: Anonymous

I'm so excited for you. You will have a little Jenna too! I love that name. Hope everything goes well. I was just thinking about you the other day when I looked at this page wondering if you had delivered yet. :)

Apr 23, 2012
33+3 today
by: Kristy

Well we've made it to the end. Our miracles, Hannah Julianne and Jenna Francine will arrive on Thursday!

I've been inpt for 5wks today, on continuous fetal monitoring. It's been the hardest, but most miraculous experience ever. I'm sure I speak for my husband and daughter, @ home as well as for myself.

Just wanted to update you and thank you for your prayers!

God bless!!!

Feb 15, 2012
by: Jill

Keeping you and your babies in my prayers! Sounds like you are going to be admitted soon to the hospital. That will be comforting to know that they are watching over you and the babies. I'm sure it will not be the easiest time to actually be in the hospital for that long but you just have to remember it's for the babies. Take care!

Jan 19, 2012
20 weeks....
by: Kristy

I have been meaning to respond to your comment and photo. Its been crazy.

The 1st sono we had they drs thought they saw fluid on back of babies head. 2nd sono they thought they saw fluid around there hearts. I had a fetal echocardiogram and a full anatomy scan this week. These girls are perfect. Whatever, they saw was very scary for us, but with lots of hope and faith everything has turned out great.

I will be admitted to hospital the 1st week in March for daily monitoring (26weeks). They will deliver hopefully around 32 weeks. I feel like this is the scariest time for us and hope they don't entangle to much.

Its amazing to see how close they are in there. Thank you, for your thoughts. Pray with us for healthy baby girls:)

Nov 16, 2011
Response to Anonymous
by: Jill

I just noticed your comment on my story. I pray for you and hope that you have a positive outcome. Fortunately, I did not need to go on bedrest at all. I delivered at almost 33 weeks and worked up until the day before. I was slow getting around in those days before delivery though...can't imagine what I would have looked like going full term!!! I delivered a 9 lb baby with my first pregnancy...can't even imagine 9 lb twins!!! Every doctor is different so I'm not sure if your doctor is saying bedrest at 24 weeks. I just needed to go to the doctors every other day at 24 weeks. Actually, it was Mon, Wed, Fri appointments. If you have any questions, post another comment and I will respond. I totally understand what you are going through! There is so much scary information when you do some research on this. Also, the consultation at the doctor's office is difficult when they go over all the worst case scenarios. Hang in there!

Nov 16, 2011
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

Your story just made me feel better. Congrat's on your twins! I was diagnosed with momo tiwns a few weeks ago. I'm a nurse and of course I've been researching. The web-sites are just so scary. I have good days and bad days. I know that this is out of my hands. I just try to stay positive.
I see a specialist already. They to, gave us such scary information. We have a toddler daughter and the thought of being admitted on bedrest @ 24 weeks scares me. I know its for the best outcome and pray everyday that we will all be fine. Thanks again for your great story!

May 31, 2011
Thanks !
by: Sandra B.

I just came back from my Dr's appt and find out I'm pregnant with mono twins. Is my second pregnancy, but I lost my first baby. Is hard to describe what to feel because I'm happy because of my babies but I'm also very scare because of what might happen. Your story gave me a lot of hope and I hope that in the future I can write my happy story here as well.

May 24, 2011
Thank You
by: Amy

I am 13 weeks along with Mo-Mo twins and while researching I just wanted to cry, I feel so encouraged by your story, I will not be dicouraged any longer and think positively, I can't wait to see my babies. Thanks again.

May 22, 2011
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you for that post. I am 13 weeks pregnant with mono mono twins and our son will be three next month. We have quite a bit in common! I have also read the horror stories about this type of twinning online, and your story gives me more hope. May God bless you and your family.

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