Our Little Mono Mono Girls Are At 22 Weeks

by Kristy

We've made it to 22 weeks.... I was diagnosed with mono mono twins at 10 weeks, given all the scary complications and told our twins had fluid on the back of there heads.

At 14 weeks the fluid was gone on the back of their heads, but they thought that there was pericardial fluid. At 20 weeks I had a fetal echocardiogram and a bone scan. Everything looks GREAT! Both hearts are normal, no fluid anywhere:)

We are at 22 weeks. I will be hospitalized at 26 weeks and we pray they get our peanuts to 32 weeks.

We have a 5 yr old who is just as scared as us. Although, she has no idea about all the complications. The thought of mommy and her sisters being away from her frightens her. I'm so lucky to have the greatest husband. Keep on praying with us and our family!

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