Our Momo's

by Vikkie
(Ports, England)

My fiance and I were really happy to be expecting. I had done 3 tests at diffrent times of the day and they had all come back with really strong positive lines. So, a week later, off to the doctor's I went.

Because of my size and symptoms we guessed I was about 11 weeks along. Twelve days later we had our dating scan. I had a terrible night's sleep the night before. I just knew when we went they wouldnt tell me what I thought I was going to hear. I was convinced something was wrong.

So, the day of our scan, Luke took the morning off work and we sat in the waiting room. Ten minuets later my name was called. In we went and were greeted by two loveley sonographer ladies. I laid down and Luke sat next to me. The room was very dim and cozy. I tried to relax but I could actually see my heart thumping out of my chest. I laid still as she applied the gel and began the scan. I looked at Luke and he smiled, but looking at the lady I new somthing was up. I could tell by her face. She turned the screen slightly and Luke caught sight of it while I just stayed fixated on our nurse. Then, as she turned the screen towards us, she said softly,"there is baby one". I leaned to look and then she said, "and there is baby two". My heart thumped, "what"? I shouted, "it cant be"! Luke jumped up, grabbed my hand and was staring at the screen with tears in his eyes. I too began to sob. In happiness and panic. How are we going to afford this? How are we going to cope?
How am I going to cope? I'm 20 (Luke is 21) I'm only 5 feet tall and a size 6. I've got a tiny frame and instantly thought, what if my body can't take two of them or it can't give my babies enough?

At that point Luke stopped me, "you've waited all week for this, just look at them".
And there they were. One looked like a prawn the other a longer shape with what looked like a top hat on. I smiled. The nurse then explained about them being "momo" and that they would be identical. I was exstatic by this point, but was absolutly dying for a wee!

We found our we were only 7 weeks 2 days. We got our photos and drove home in shock and excitment. As soon as we got back I ran the photo up to my mum. Luke said don't tell her just let her have a look and work it out, as the photo has twin 1 and twin 2 written next to each baby. I said, "do you want to see the pic then"? Of course, my mum grabbed it and looked...And looked...and looked. After about 2 minuets of waiting she jumped out of her skin and screamed, "OH MY GOD ITS TWINS"! and cried.
She was over the moon as was Luke's mum.

So, there was my explanation for being a fatty so soon, the early test results, etc. I'm 12 weeks 2 days today and am going for my 12 week scan tomorrow. I've had no sickness just nausea,very tired all the time and have had nasty hunger pains and back ache too! I'm once again a bit nervous about tomorrow but at the same time I'm very excited to see if my little ones are okay.

I wish each and every one of you luck with your little ones! And I hope you're not going to have to move house like Luke and I are at 6 months gone!

xx Love xx Vikkie

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