Pregnant, But Not Sure If They Are Mono Mono Twins Yet

by Nina Cadili
(St. Clair Shoes, MI)


I am 6 weeks pregnant and at 5 1/2 weeks my doctor saw 2 heart beats in one sac. I have been reading so much about Mono Mono twins and it kinda scares me. The babies are completely away from each other. One is all the way to the right and the other is all the way to the left. So my question is could there still be a membrane between them since I am so early?

I am looking and the picture and there looks like no sign at all of a membrane between them, but I have heard of stories where they found the membrane later on. Do you guys think it is still possible? If so, how can it look like Mono Mono and then they end up becoming Mono Di?

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Jul 26, 2017
I feel I'm in the exact same position
by: Worried First Time Mom

My fiancé and I found out a month ago we are pregnant and last week we were blessed to find out it's twins. We are so happy because this is the first set in both of our families. Looking at them they are far away from each other from the first ultrasound at 6weeks. We are praying that a membrane is in between them when we go in for the 8 week ultrasound. I'm so scared since this is my first pregnancy and yes all of these stories have given me hope, I just can't help but feel afraid for our children. Any advice would be appreciated.

Jun 20, 2011
response to Twin mama
by: Anonymous

Thats crazy twin mama thats the same thing that happened to me...I started spotting as well...They told me I have a low lying placenta...How many weeks are you now? I am 13...

Jun 19, 2011
Don't worry
by: Twin Mama

I was 8 weeks pregnant when I found out I was having twins and at 10 weeks was told I was having mono-mono twins. Then at 11 weeks I was experiencing some spotting and cramps and was told to come in for an ultrasound. Long story short I and the babies were fine and during the ultrasound they found the membrane so I am now being told I am mono-di. I would worry just yet about the membrane, probably to early to see.

Jun 18, 2011
Prob fine
by: Angie

I was told the same thing at six weeks up until 9 or 10 weeks...They found a membrane...They told me I was way too early to see a membrane at that point...The Dr said most of the time it appears weeks later...Dont worry I am now 13 weeks and I have went from mono mono...didi...til now that last visit at 12 weeks was mono di...Just wait til your next ultrasound...Im sure they are doing them every 2 week to try to find the membrane right?

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