Twin Belly - 18 Weeks

by Amy

18 weeks 1st pregnancy

18 weeks 1st pregnancy

I'm due June 12, 2010 and we are finding out the sex of our babies on January 22nd. This is our first pregnancy and we can't wait to find out :-)

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Dec 23, 2013
by: Trista

I just found out im having two boys faternal Twins and im 18 weeks and feel 8 months pregnant LOL....My third prgenancy first two were girls 6yr old and a 9 yr old, so thank you for the even numbers!! :) not to mention twins do not run in our family weird right

Feb 18, 2010
by: Anonymous

Oh cute!! I'm 18 weeks with twins and twice that size!!!!! Oh boy!!!!!

Feb 10, 2010
by: Anonymous


I am also due June 12th with a boy and girl!

Nice to see i'm not the only one with a big belly...yet!

Jan 28, 2010
Twins Yay!!!
by: Anonymous

Congrats!!! I'm 7wks with twins and I am about the same size as you lol. It is so weird how people grow so differently!

Jan 24, 2010
by: Anonymous

Oh wow Congrats! I'm 15 weeks pregnant with Faternal twins:) ~ Sophia

Jan 23, 2010
Glad it went well
by: Theresa

I had an early ultrasound where they didn't cooperate too. We are having a boy and a girl:)

Sounds like you may be too. At least you can start planning for one little boy. When is your next ultrasound? Congrats!

Jan 23, 2010
Ultrasound Finding
by: Amy

So we found out we are for sure having one boy, and Baby A wouldn't cooperate for the ultrasound tech. The tech thinks its a girl, but she wouldn't open her legs enough to see for hopefully at the next ultrasound we can find out :-)

Jan 21, 2010
Good luck tomorrow
by: Theresa

Let us know how it goes:)

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