Twins and Au Pairs
by Summer Blackhurst

Twins and Au Pairs

Want to know why Twins and Au Pairs make a great team? Well, I have a close friend who could not have any children. Through lots of tears and fertility treatments, it was finally decided that they would try for In Vitro. The blessed day came and she found out that not only was there one new heart beating, but two new hearts beating inside of her.

It was months before I got to see her after her twin babies were born. She appeared to be tired and worn out. Her husband told me when he got home from work she would take a nap before prepping for another night of waking up every hour with her newborns.

Now that her twin toddlers are older she is doing another round of In Vitro, but she isn't sure how she will care for her twins and another potential set of twins. She was thrilled when I talked to her about twin mom experiences using an Au Pair.

What is an Au Pair You Ask?

Au Pairs are childcare providers from another country that live with you and can help during night shifts, weekends and nap time. Once you agree ahead of time on the childcare schedules, they can work up to 45 hours a week.

To become and Au Pair they must complete a 32 hour training series. Further, Au Pair agencies are regulated by the U.S. State Department.

Twins and Au Pairs Make a Great Team!

Stephanie Stankiewicz is one of Go Au Pair's host Moms from New Jersey. She is a mother of one-year-old twins and a six-year-old girl. When the Au Pair joined their family, she gave their daughter the support she needed. She Says:

"Having two infants in our home was very difficult for my then 5-year-old daughter, to understand and adjust to. She began to act out with horrible tantrums. This added lots of stress to our already stressful and busy lives. We barely made it through the first year with twins."

"Not only have our Au Pair's consistent reinforcing words helped our daughter's behavior significantly improve, having our Au Pair join our family has allowed us to spend more quality time with our daughter to have her world (and ours) return to a semi normal less stressful state."

When Tanya King from the Seattle Washington found out she was expecting twins she was shocked and terrified of the additional pressure and extra childcare cost. The King family had been paying $1100 a month for daycare for their daughter, and their childcare costs would jump to $3300 a month after the next pregnancy!

Even more than the cost, Tanya wasn't sure how she would fit daycare into her schedule.

"I would have had to wake up three small children get them in the car and drive one hour out of my way to get to the daycare."

She was sold on using an Au Pair when she found that the cost of Au Pair childcare was the same regardless of how many children are in the home.

"We also chose an Au Pair because of how much of a relief it would be let the kids sleep in the mornings and to have someone help with laundry, the towels, the sheets, the kids clothes."

We have a lot of moms of twins who use Go Au Pair not only because it saves them money, but because Au Pairs save a mom with twin's sanity. My friend who is the mom of twins, and who is hoping for another child or even another set of twins, was also relieved when I sent her the links to explain the Au Pair's childcare prices. She is planning on using an Au Pair this time around and she will be able to sleep before her husband comes home from work.

Author Bio: Summer Blackhurst is a writer for Go Au Pair and mother of an 18-month old girl, 3-year old boy and 5-year old boy. She has interviewed close to 200 Host families and Au Pairs about their unique childcare experience.

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