Twins First Birthday

It's your twins first birthday! Yippee!

You (and they) have made it through that exciting, sometimes challenging, first year. A "twintastic" reason to celebrate! But, being faced with two children for the same  occasion, what should you do?

Many parents aren't quite sure how they should go about planning a birthday party for twins. Certainly, a few parents will even wonder if they should do separate parties. Everyone has their own opinions and tastes, so there's really no "right" way to go about it.

Twins First Birthday "Before"
Twins First Birthday "After"

That said, here are some thoughts:

Generally, most parents find it works out fine to have them celebrate together when they are very young. As they get older and develop their own personal style, you can plan for separate parties if that's what they choose. It's very common for boy/girl twins pairs to want separate celebrations at some point for obvious reasons.

For a 1st birthday party, think about a smallish, family and close friends type of guest list. More than likely, your twins won't even really grasp what's going on, so a "less is more" attitude is ideal for them. The last thing you need is the stress of entertaining lots of guests AND caring for your twins.

Unless, of course, you are married to an Italian, like I am. In which case, you have to have BIG parties for every occasion! Just be sure that you have a quiet area where your twins can go if they get overwhelmed or need to nap.

Most of all, have fun and don't forget to take lots of pictures and videos of this milestone!

Twins First Birthday Planning Ideas

When planning your occasion, you will definitely want to start with the invitations. This can be a good starting point for your theme, which you can carry through the actual party.

You can simply buy packs of invites that you manually fill out, thought there's usually not a lot of choices available for twins if you're looking at your local retailers.

Luckily, there's tons of great choices for parents of twins when they shop online. You can even order some custom printed 1st birthday invitations, like Tiny Prints Personalized Birthday Party Invitations.

Many of these web based stationary shops have pre-made twins invitation themes that you add your own customization to, or simply order and fill out at home for a more personal touch.  Either way, it will be fun to plan when there's so many cute options!

This video from author Susan Heim is all about twins 1st birthday and includes valuable tips. Don't miss it!

And don't forget to check out our Toys For Twins Guide and Gifts for Twins Guide for some cool gift ideas.

And here's a super adorable 1st birthday cake idea...

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