A Book Review
by Kellie Asaro

I was lucky enough to get a free copy of Dara Lovitz's new book, Twinsight - A Guide to Raising Emotionally Healthy Twins, to review.

I always appreciate the opportunity to check out new books on twins. It's great to get a fresh perspective and updated information on this intriguing topic.

This particular book is unique in that Dara has extensively interviewed several adult sets of twins as well as some triplets. While she also includes lots of advice from psychologists and educators, it's the twin pairs themselves who offer the most interesting perspective (in my opinion).

When reading the interviews mentioned you do get a good feel for the varying issues and and situations that can crop up with twins during their lifetime. It is a total mix of emotion on so many topics from twins attending school together to feelings of sacrifice for eachother in different areas of life.

I enjoyed how Dara gives the reader the best of both worlds - Information and advice from the pros as well as that distinct perspective of the grown up twins.

Additionally, Dara covers the emotions and issues that crop up with singleton siblings of twins. It was nice to read about that aspect given that many parents of twins also have singleton children, myself included.

The book does have a strong lean towards encouraging individuality. This is not a new concept with raising twins or a negative point in any way. However, the author seems to have a solid opinion on this and the verbiage often reads so. I happen to be a parent who has experienced some of the downside of pushing too much in this area with my identical twins is why I briefly mention it here.

Each family and twin pair will have a totally inimitable experience depending on their own family dynamic and so many other, sometimes complicated, aspects. The book does its best to cover these and is a genuinely solid read.

The research is extensive and professional while still being heartfelt. When it comes to raising twins, who better than a mother of them to give "twinsight" and advice? This is how I have always felt and I thank Dara for taking the time and effort to share her knowledge and personal point of view, as well as that of the many professionals and twin pairs.

I loved Dara's following quote from her website,

"This is certain: twin children need to be alone some times. And at other times, they need to be together. And both are okay."

Dara is a working mother of twin daughters and you can read more about her on her website:

This book is available where most books are sold and via the following affiliate link:

Twinsight: A Guide to Raising Emotionally Healthy Twins with Advice from the Experts (Academics) and the REAL Experts (Twins)

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