Zach and Zaya - MoMo Twins Now 5 Years Old

by Don
(Omaha, NE)

When we found out we were having twins we were excited. We already had 7 kids and what could be more fun than having twins? We soon learned that the twins were momo and began discussing the potential issues that we could face.

The problems started when they were diagnosed with TTT and that Zach was growing much faster than Zaya. My wife made the trip from our home in Omaha to the Mayo Clinic to meet with a specialist to see if we would qualify for laser surgery to separate the cords and allow Zaya to grow. She was sent home after being told that the cords were too tangled and there was nothing they could do.

We went on lots of websites and blogs and read about high protein diets having some success, so she went on a very high protein diet and we waited... and waited...

The boys were born by c-section and went to the NICU. Zach ended up having heart surgery right away and Zaya went through a feeding crisis, but other than that things went well. We were so lucky to have both boys alive and healthy- the placenta looked like cheesecloth, it was so depleted.

Well, our little miracles just graduated from pre-school last week and are now getting ready to go to kindergarten in the Fall.

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