Twin Proofing the House

Dad with twins and a toddler in a "Safe Zone"

You'll have to start twin proofing the house once twins arrive. Throughout the first few years (and beyond) it's a good idea to institute some safety measures in your household.

Although twin-proofing isn't much different from regular baby-proofing, the havoc that twin toddlers can cause means most parents will want to be extra cautious.

Think of your twins as partners in crime...They can get into a lot more mischief  than just one child can on their own. Be vigilant and prepared - Here's how...

You can start by taking a look around down on your hands and knees. You'll get a better twins-eye-view of the potential hazards.

Very small objects (coins, bottle caps, safety pins, etc.) should be completely removed because of their obvious choking potential. Drawers and cabinets within reach of young twins should have safety latches installed. You must get some electrical outlet covers for any exposed outlets also.

Be sure that there are no hanging drapery cords or ties, as well as any phone, TV or computer wires that can entangle your babies or toddlers.

Any large pieces of furniture (bookcases, changing tables) should be securely anchored. Keep in mind the potential of two children climbing onto these objects, which can add just enough weight to topple them over.

If you have a fireplace in an area that is accessible to your twins, be sure to secure it with the proper screen or other barrier. And always fence off or gate any access to stairs!

Be sure to read our extended article Childproofing With Multiples.
It's a short, fun read by a mother of three boys, two of which are twins!

Tips and Quotes on Twin Proofing Your Space
from Actual Parents

"With a play pen being much too small for two babies, we decided to fence in a large area of the living room to create a clean, safe play area for our twins".

"Our video baby monitor was a HUGE help. I could see and hear my twins in their play room while doing dishes in the kitchen! One of the best purchases for monitoring your little ones while keeping up with the household chores".

It's tough trying to keep a constant eye on toddling twins. Creating a secure "safe zone" for them can be a genuine advantage. You may be able to do this with a spare room or other section of your home.

Today's market offers many options for child safe fencing and gates, as well as soft play mats . Then as twins get older, you may be able to give them more access to certain areas of the house while others are securely gated and/or fenced.

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