Early Signs of Twins

There are some early signs of twins in pregnancy. Many a mom will tell you they had particular symptoms, inklings or other reasons for suspecting a twin pregnancy. Here we will go over the top 5 that most mothers experienced when carrying twins in the early weeks. Feel free to use it as your guide to compare your own early signs of a twin pregnancy. Be sure to share your comments at the end...

Top 5 Early Signs of Twins in Pregnancy

1) Rapid growth of uterus during the early months.
Most mothers of twins who had singleton birth(s) first will tell you how much bigger they were with their multiple pregnancy in the early weeks. Having a previous pregnancy as a comparison is helpful, but generally once your OB takes some measurements you'll have a bit more insight.

2) Increased nausea and/or fatigue.
Again, it's helpful if you have had a prior singleton pregnancy to use as a gauge. Lots of moms will experience more severe morning sickness and fatigue because of the increase in hormones due to carrying two babies. Many will say that they didn't feel nearly as tired when only having one baby.

3) A family history of fraternal twins.
Possibly one of the earliest signs of twins in pregnancy! Having a prominent history of fraternal twin sets in the family could be your best indicator that you may be next in line for a pair before you even try to conceive.

4) High HCG levels
This is a tricky, but common early sign of twins in pregnancy. Here's what our expert, Dr. Warshak has to say on the subject:
"In general, hcg levels are higher for twin gestations, though definitely not doubled as one might expect. In addition, many singleton pregnancies have high levels for several other reasons. Therefore, there is no set rule about checking for twins based on hcg, but there really doesn't need to be, since these patients are being scanned for whatever their underlying concern is anyway."

5) Simple intuition.
You will hear this over and over when talking to moms of twins. Numerous mothers claim they "just knew" they were having twins or had a "feeling" something was different early on.

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