Getting Out With Twins

Getting out with twins can sometimes seem stressful. But, believe it or not, it's actually easier than you might imagine to get out with twin babies. You can put them into infant car seats that can then be snapped into a travel system (See our Double Stroller Guide ) for starters. Couple that with all of the sleeping they'll be doing and you're in pretty good shape for a shopping excursion or other errands that don't take very long periods of time. Even just a stroll around the neighborhood or to a nearby park can be great practice for longer journeys.

Going to the grocery store? Think about using baby hammocks like the ones from Binxy Baby. They can be attached to most shopping carts and are perfect for keeping twin babies safely contained and comfortable during your shopping trip.

If you have other siblings involved, they can be a blessing or a curse depending on age. Older siblings tend to be a bit more helpful, while younger ones demand more attention. I know this situation well, as I had a two year old when my twins were born. It took some preparation, but I did indeed get out of the house with all three...And yes, it was much easier when they weren't all running in different directions (especially when I was by myself)! After the first year, it was a different story...I definitely needed help when out and about with twin toddlers and a 4 year old.

Make Getting Out With Twins an Organized Process

Traveling with twins will be much less complicated with some well thought out preparations. Most parents of young twins will tell you that organization is key. Here are some pointers:

  • Always pre-pack a diaper bag (or bags) and other necessities and get them loaded into the car way ahead of time.
  • Don't forget extra things like snacks, sunscreen, toys, or other seasonal items.
  • Consider what you will be doing and try to plan around naps and/or crucial feeding times.
  • If your twins are still needing formula warmed up, be sure to take along a heating mechanism for bottles, as well as a cooler bag to keep bottles fresh.
  • Stay flexible! Your trip to the shopping mall might get cut short when babies are involved. Even with the most well planned out excursion, there's still room for surprises.
  • Grab two baby carriers and get some help. 2 adults x 2 babies = less stress!
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Quotes & Tips for Getting Out With Twins
from Actual Parents

"I always kept a spare diaper bag in the car stocked with necessities like diapers, wipes, blankets, powdered formula etc. It was always at the ready and meant a lot less to pack (or think about) when leaving the house."

"My husband and I really loved our travel system when our twins were babies. The car seats just snapped right into the car when we were ready to go and we always kept the coordinating double stroller in the trunk...for like the whole first year! It allowed us to be hands-free when we needed to."

If you need to breastfeed twins while shopping at the mall, just ask for a dressing room. Most clerks are happy to lend you the handicapped stall, which can usually accommodate a double stroller too.

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