Twin Pregnancy 24 to 28 Weeks

It is during this crucial month of twin pregnancy 24 to 28 weeks that the twins growing inside you will cross the threshold of viability. Because of the remarkable advances in care for premature infants, their rate of survival has gone up considerably by the time they have reached 28 weeks. Though, some preemie babies have survived even earlier than this.

They will double their weight this month and grow to approximately 15 inches in length. Every feature is becoming more distinct as hair continues to grow, more fat accumulates under the skin, and eyelids become unfused and ready for blinking. Most babies will start reacting to sound by the 28th week. They will each have their own individual sleep cycle also.

What You May Be Experiencing
During Twin Pregnancy 24 to 28 Weeks

sore aching pregnancy back pain

You're really starting to feel the impact of your twin pregnancy now! With the uterus persistently growing and stretching as your twins gain in size and weight, each symptom becomes amplified.

Braxton Hicks contractions will have started and are usually more frequent during a multiple pregnancy. They are generally painless and have no particular pattern. You will feel your belly become hard as the muscles contract for a brief period. You may even see your belly distort into some pretty interesting shapes when this happens with twins. In any case, you should be very aware of preterm labor symptoms and how they differ from Braxton Hicks contractions.

Ligament pain and pressure of the uterus are increasing. Lower back pain is common. Frequent urination is making a comeback (so annoying!). Edema (extra accumulation of fluid in your tissue) can be causing swollen extremities if it hasn't already started last month. Fatigue is getting worse and if you don't already have them, hemorrhoids will likely make an appearance. Constipation continues and you may start to get heartburn due to sluggish digestion along with the increasing pressure on your stomach. Some women experience nasal stuffiness.

If you find yourself feeling too uncomfortable be sure to let your doctor know right away, as some symptoms may reflect a mineral deficiency or more problematic situation.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to start thinking about a twin birth plan during this time. You're getting close to meeting your new little ones, so it might be good to put your thoughts down on what your expectations will be in the delivery room.

On a more positive note: Believe it or not, there are those few Super Moms out there who literally breeze through their twin pregnancies without much complaint and mild symptoms. We salute you!

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