Twin Pregnancy 16 to 20 Weeks

Congratulations Mama, you're about half way through your amazing twin pregnancy! Let's see what you can expect this month:

Each fetus now appears as a fully formed, teeny tiny baby (about 8 inches or so by the 20th week). At this point, the brain is the only component that shall continuously develop throughout pregnancy. Your twins will spend the rest of their stay in the womb growing, and growing, and growing! They are starting to hear for the first time and may even react to loud noises. They will be exhibiting more coordinated movements at this time, and many believe that twins are now aware of each other as well. Imagine if this is where the twin bond actually starts. This is just so fascinating!

This is also around the time that your doctor or other healthcare professional can tell you the genders of your babies via an ultrasound or sonogram. Will they be boys, girls, or one of each? This can be super helpful when you need to plan a nursery for two, though lots of parents decide not to find out and enjoy the surprise instead!

Be sure to check out our Twin Ultrasound Gallery so you can see what other women's pregnancies look like from 16 to 20 weeks or even just to compare your own ultrasound images. It's a fun way to share!

What You May Be Experiencing
During Twin Pregnancy 16 to 20 Weeks

Most women will feel those first thrilling little flutters, kicks and movements by week 20. Though don't get discouraged if this isn't the case for you. You will definitely start to feel your twins move at some point soon, as everyone's body works differently.  What a wonderful way to finally be able connect with your miniature little passengers!

You will surely start looking pregnant now too...Much more so than your neighbor carrying a singleton. You may start to experience round ligament pain caused by the stretching of the uterus and ligaments. Or you might have an increase in constipation, especially if your doctor has you taking extra iron. If you find yourself running a little warmer than usual it's because of the increase in your resting metabolic rate due to pregnancy, so try to stay hydrated and rest when you need to.

Otherwise, this stage is often referred to as the "honeymoon" period. Morning sickness, for most, will have subsided and you'll likely be experiencing increased energy. Not to mention, lots of mothers find their hair and nails growing faster than usual and looking wonderfully healthy!

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