Twin Pregnancy 32 to 36 Weeks

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Twin pregnancy 32 to 36 weeks means you're close to the final stretch! Your twins are in pretty tight quarters at this point, settling into their final position until birth. They are approaching five pounds each and about 18 or so inches in length. Their weight gain will now slow a little in comparison to a singleton, but their lung development will charge ahead in preparation for that first breath. Their motor development is becoming more and more complex and much less reflexive. They also have full grown fingernails and toenails. The placenta(s) is still providing them with lots of nourishment to help them gain that all important final layer of fat.

What You May Be Experiencing
During Twin Pregnancy 32 to 36 Weeks

twin development in the womb

There will likely be an increase in Braxton-Hicks contractions, but be sure to call your doctor if they persist or are painful (could be a sign of preterm labor ). You are surely finding it more and more difficult to rest comfortably, let alone sleep. With all that pressure on the bladder, frequent urination will likely be the culprit. Heartburn will become well known to many mothers by this stage and generally only gets worse as your stomach struggles for the appropriate digestive space.

Many women will also notice a thin, watery liquid being excreted from their breasts. This known as colostrum and is totally normal. If you decide you are going to be breastfeeding your twins, it will be the first nourishment they get until your milk comes in.

It is common to naturally go into labor by the 36th week with twins. Most doctors would not try to stop the progression to birth at this point in the pregnancy unless there were other complications. You should be sure to discuss all of your birthing options, including a planned C-section, inducing labor, etc. with your doctor, midwife, or other healthcare provider. These are all very personal to you and your unique twin pregnancy!

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